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What Are Digital Dentures?

Digital dentures are a process of designing and fabricating dentures to produce a more precise fit that aligns with the exact measurements of your mouth with the use of advanced dental technology to replace missing teeth.

The traditional denture fabrication process involves taking physical molds of your mouth and then a pair of dentures are created and shaped to fit the impressions taken of your teeth. This process can become quite drawn out, requiring you to return for multiple trial fittings and it’s normal for many adjustments to be made. 

Digital dentures enable us to skip this back-and-forth process and get it right the first time by taking a combination of digital scans and impressions of your mouth which are used to produce a 3D model of your teeth with computer-aided design.

Using this technology, the dental lab can craft a denture with a precise fit and this eliminates the need for multiple trial fittings. Instead, the entire process is split into just two appointments.

How Are Digital Dentures Made?

Digital dentures are made by an outside dental lab using impressions and scans that we take of your mouth here in the office. They use this information to create a highly realistic 3D model of your teeth on their special computer software and use this to fabricate a custom-made denture. This ensures that the denture will fit your mouth properly. 

The most common issues with dentures are caused by having an ill-fitting denture, whether it’s too loose or too tight. This can cause mouth sores, shifting teeth, difficulty eating and speaking, or even your denture falling out and causing embarrassment.

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How Do Digital Dentures Look?

Digital dentures look incredibly natural and you can expect the model of your teeth to match your actual denture. This is designed using special software, input from you as the patient, how your bite fits together, and the way that you want your teeth to look. Your denture teeth will be carefully spaced, will be a tooth-colored shade, and made of acrylic resin.

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