Why Choose Us?

A Team Approach

Optimal dental health is about more than just addressing problems as they arise—it’s about a preventive approach that improves your total-body health and keeps you smiling for years to come. By partnering with our practice, you’ll take an active role in your dental care, staying informed of your options and getting the time to express your goals, motivations, and concerns. Using the best technology and a compassionate, patient-centric approach, our team is here to guide you every step of the way on your journey to optimal dental health.

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Giving Back

Dr. Feldman has contributed his time and skill set to Dentistry from the Heart (a service event that provides dental care to the underserved in our area). He has also gone back to the University of Florida College of Dentistry to mentor dental students on aspects of running a business once they graduate.

Dr. Feldman contributes to the University of Florida College of Dentistry in several capacities. He is a member of the Continuing Dental Education Advisory Board and the Student Admission and Recruitment Committee. He also volunteers with the Comprehensive Dentistry Program at UFCD.

Delight in Every Detail

Office comforts & Amenities

It’s not every day you step into a dental office that’s truly relaxing, but that’s been our goal since day one. That’s why we’ve designed our space to include modern comforts to make your visit as soothing as possible.

Premium leather chairs

Our practice is outfitted with only the best seating for our patients, from the soft, supportive treatment chairs to the exquisite Vegan Leather waiting room chairs (but don't plan on having to wait long).


Aromatherapy is associated with a significant reduction in patient dental anxiety levels. Our office utilizes an Aroma360 HVAC system to provide a subtle, consistent scent throughout the office to relax the body and mind.

Headphones & Blankets

Tune out the world and enjoy a mini escape with our advanced noise cancelling headphones and weighted blankets (available in multiple weights for ideal comfort and stress relief). The pressure of weighted blankets puts your autonomic nervous system into "rest" mode, reducing symptoms of anxiety.

Beverage Station

Grab a bottle of water to hydrate before your appointment or another beverage before you head out to enjoy the rest of what the Shoppes at Thornebrook has to offer.

Dr. Feldman’s Awards & Credentials

Dr. Greg Feldman has been a highly sought-after and respected dentist for years, from serving Ocala and The Villages to his time at Taylor Dentistry. He brings his expertise and dedication to the dental field to his own practice in Gainesville, Florida.  A graduate of the University of Florida, he is proud to serve the Gator Nation for all of their oral health needs. Dr. Feldman has earned some of the most elite honors possible during his career. Individually, each achievement has been earned by only a very limited amount of dentists. Collectively, the awards earned below make Dr. Feldman one of the most highly credentialed dentists in Gainesville, Florida and the entire country. 

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State of the art Equipment

Intraoral Scanner

Enjoy fast and accurate impressions thanks to our Primescan intraoral scanner, which we use to capture a digital impression of your mouth for procedures like crowns, dental implants, and clear braces. This technology replaces those messy, uncomfortable impressions that most patients dread. Plus it's better for the environment.

Imaging Devices

At Gainesville Dentistry Co. we employ the best in dental imaging to diagnose and educate our patients. From our Liquid Lens Auto Focus intraoral camera to the lightest handheld x-ray device in its class, we have spared no expense in making sure we can diagnose any issues before they become more costly for you.

Electric handpieces

Experience higher quality dentistry with our electric handpieces. This technology is an alternative to the louder, less efficient air-driven handpieces that many practices still rely on. Benefits include a faster workflow, more precision, and a quieter environment for a better patient experience.

Gainesville Dentistry Co.

Conveniently located

Nestled in the Shoppes at Thornebrook, our office is situated next to restaurants, salons, spas, and even a chocolate shop. Enjoy the convenience of being able to arrange dental care around your busy schedule. Many people have asked us why we chose a retail location to open GDC. For us it was simple. We wanted to be part of the community. We love it when patients pop in just to say hello!

Exceptional care for all your dental needs