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What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental implants consist of three parts. The first part is the dental implant itself. This is a small, screw-shaped piece of titanium. It is surgically implanted into your jaw bone, where it heals and acts as an artificial tooth root. The next part is the “abutment.” This is another small piece of metal that connects the implant to your implant restoration, such as a dental crown.

The final part is the implant restoration. Dental crowns are the most common type of implant restoration, and are used to restore one or more teeth. Implant crowns replace your missing natural teeth in appearance and function, restoring your smile. At Gainesville Dentistry Co., we use a fully guided approach to implant surgery, resulting in safer, more predictable outcomes. By planning the surgery using a restoratively driven approach, we can achieve more esthetic, easier to maintain implant crowns.

Dr. Feldman is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and has completed hundreds of hours of training on the surgical and restorative aspects of implant dentistry. Contact us today to see if dental implants in Gainesville are right for you.

The Unique Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. They will never shift or move, and do not require special care beyond regular brushing and flossing. Your smile will also look completely natural, and your implants will be indistinguishable from your other teeth.

Dental implants also last longer than any other type of tooth replacement. With good oral hygiene, a healthy lifestyle, and six-month visits at your Gainesville dentist, your implant(s) could last you for the rest of your life.

The Dental Implant Treatment Process

Fully-Guided Implant Surgery

After you’re approved for an implant, Dr. Greg Feldman will create a treatment plan and implant guide specifically for your procedure. Then, you’ll come into our office to have your implant placed. Under local anesthetic, the process is fast and pain-free. Our guided treatment process ensures the most predictable results.

Healing & Osseointegration

After your surgery, you’ll be sent home to heal. You can get back to your routine right away, but it will take about two weeks for your implant site to heal. It will also take approximately 8-12 weeks for the bone to heal around your implant. This is known as “osseointegration.” During your recovery, you’ll come to our office for follow-ups so that Dr. Feldman can check your progress, and begin building your restoration.

Building & Placing Your Restoration

We’ll begin fitting you for your dental restoration, such as a dental crown, during your follow-ups. We utilize our intraoral scanner to capture a digital final impression of your mouth and the implant site. Then, at your final appointment, Dr. Feldman will check the fit of your restoration, and attach it to your implant. This permanently restores your tooth, eliminating the space(s) once present due to missing teeth.

Am I A Good Candidate For A Dental Implant?

If you are missing one or more teeth, but your mouth is healthy and your jaw bone is strong, you may be a good candidate for dental implants. If you do not have an adequate amount of bone in the areas needed, you may still qualify, but you will require further treatment like bone grafting to prepare for an implant. The best way to find out if you’re a good candidate for a dental implant in Gainesville, Florida is to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Feldman at Gainesville Dentistry Co. today!

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