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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide (N2O), more commonly referred to as laughing gas, is a mild sedative agent that safely and effectively manages pain and anxiety during dental treatment. This colorless and odorless gas is mixed with oxygen and administered through a small nasal mask. As you breathe normally through your nose, you will begin to feel the effects of euphoria, relaxation, and a sense of calm within just a few minutes. 

This form of sedation is not intended to put you to sleep. You will be able to hear and respond to our dental team. You may feel tingling in your arms and legs or experience a sense of heaviness. Nitrous oxide provides an extremely safe way to receive dental care without the need for a chaperone or post-operative downtime. Just as this sedative has a quick onset, it also wears off completely after breathing 100% oxygen via the nasal mask for 5-10 minutes. You can return to normal activities like driving immediately following your appointment.

If you are fearful during dental procedures, have a sensitive gag reflex, or have not responded adequately to local anesthesia in the past, ask our Gainesville Dentistry Co. team if nitrous oxide sedation may be right for you!

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is a type of minimal sedation that involves taking prescribed sedative pills prior to your dental procedure. For those patients without contraindications to this form of sedation, a prescription for benzodiazepines (depressants that relieve anxiety) will be electronically sent to your pharmacy 1-2 days prior to the scheduled dental appointment, and you will be instructed to take a certain medication the night before and one hour prior to your visit. Once the medications take effect, you will experience a deep sense of calmness and relaxation during your treatment. 

You will feel drowsy and may even fall asleep for portions of the appointment, though we will be able to easily wake you. One huge benefit of these medications is that they often cause "twilight sleep" or short-term amnesia, where you will remember very little about your visit while under sedation.

Dr. Feldman has received training with Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) to provide safe and effective sedation dentistry to our patients. Your vitals will be monitored throughout the entire process and you will be safely transported via a companion chair. A chaperone is required to transport you and stay on the premises during your procedure. You cannot drive, drink alcohol, or sign legal documents for 24 hours following your visit. You should also have someone monitor you for the rest of the day while you recover. Ask our team about our sedation options during your next visit with us!

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Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes, dental sedation is extremely safe when administered in a professional dental environment by a certified and experienced dentist. Dr. Feldman has extensive training in all subjects of dentistry, including oral sedation.

Both levels of sedation that we perform at Gainesville Dentistry Co. require a thorough review of your medical history. There are some contraindications to both nitrous oxide inhalation and oral conscious sedation which will be discussed prior to a final treatment plan being formulated.

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How Do I Prepare to Be Sedated?

The preparation for nitrous oxide is minimal. You will only need to fast for 2 hours before your appointment and no other arrangements need to be made since you can drive yourself home and return to normal activities.

With oral conscious sedation, your appointment will be scheduled for the morning to optimize the benefits of the medications, and you will need to fast for the morning of the appointment. That includes food and drinks. We also require a chaperone who will drive you to and from our office and be available to remain on the premises while you are being treated. All consents and treatment plans will need to be signed prior to sedation and payment for treatment will need to be processed prior as well for legal purposes.

You should take the rest of the day off from work and avoid strenuous activity. It is recommended that you have someone with you for the rest of the day to monitor and assist you while you recover.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Sedation?

We make this determination by discussing your reason for inquiring about sedation (is it for anxiety, special needs, sensitive gag reflex?) and reviewing your medical history. 

We will need to know what medical conditions you have, what medications you take, and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Some sedatives pose a higher risk for patients with certain conditions.  For instance, patients with sleep apnea and COPD are not candidates for oral conscious sedation.

Certain medications can also interfere with certain sedatives. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are generally advised to avoid sedation when possible. Contact us at Gainesville Dentistry Co. today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Feldman and find out if sedation is right for you.

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