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what is a tooth extraction? 

A tooth extraction involves removing one or multiple teeth from the gum socket. This procedure is usually performed by a qualified dentist, a periodontist, or a dental surgeon. Teeth extractions are performed to remove teeth deemed non-restorable due to dental trauma, decay, damage, or tooth impaction. This is particularly true if these symptoms are associated with a severe toothache.

How serious is a tooth extraction? 

A tooth extraction is always used as the last resort when treating toothaches, cavities, and tooth decay. This is because if a tooth is extracted and not replaced, the jawbone will begin to deteriorate steadily, which can cause irreversible bone loss. However, sometimes a tooth extraction is the only option by the dentist if the tooth is severely damaged or there is no viable treatment to save the tooth.

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What to expect during a tooth extraction

Tooth extractions can be classified into surgical or non-surgical based on the tooth to be extracted and other factors. At your initial consultation, the dentist will perform a comprehensive assessment to establish the pain history of your teeth.

Your medical history will be reviewed and taken into account as a treatment plan is formulated. The dentist will take pre-extraction radiographs to confirm the diagnosis and present you with all of your options. The risks and benefits of each treatment option will be discussed so that you can make an informed decision about your oral health.

Your dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and nearby tissues before the extraction begins. During extraction, the dentist will use various instruments to remove the tooth as atraumatically as possible. After the extraction, stitches and other medicaments may be needed for proper healing.

For How Long Should a Tooth Extraction Hurt?

While different people heal at varying speeds depending on systemic factors, you will most likely experience gum tenderness and discomfort for a few days after tooth extraction. This is normal; however, and the discomfort should eventually subside within a week. You can expect a complete recovery after one or two weeks as long as you follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions.

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Before you opt for a tooth extraction, discuss all other treatment or replacement options with your dentist. Restorative dentistry options, such as dental implants, dental crowns, and bridges, can restore the function and appearance of your teeth. Contact us at (352)88-SMILE to schedule an appointment and discuss your options with Dr. Feldman.

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