March 17, 2023

5 Questions To Ask Your Dentist About Restorative Dentistry

With restorative dentistry, you can eliminate pain, prevent future complications, and restore the natural appearance and function of your teeth.

February 11, 2023

Why People are Choosing Gainesville Dentistry Co. for Their Botox

Gainesville Dentistry Co. is quickly being recognized as the go-to office in Gainesville, Florida for clients seeking Botox treatment for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. GDC is a dental practice that feels like home. With advanced training in botulinum toxin treatments, Dr. Feldman and his team are able to provide the best quality dental and anti-aging treatments all under the same roof!

January 23, 2023

Icon Treatment for White Spot Lesions

Whether it's after orthodontic treatment (as with this patient who came to us after completing ortho at a different practice), a result of fluorosis, or the early stages of cavities, white spot lesions are unflattering in appearance. They can also be a precursor for more involved decay. Previously, there was no effective way to treat these areas for both esthetics and prevention. Veneers or fillings are much more aggressive than is needed. Fluoride treatment can help stop the progression of decay, but it has limited impact on the appearance of these white spots. Dr. Feldman and the team at Gainesville Dentistry Co. are providers of Icon, a breakthrough micro-invasive technology for filling and reinforcing demineralized enamel without drilling or anesthesia. If you have noticed these white spots on your teeth, give us a call to see if Icon may be right for you!

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