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Who Needs A Mouthguard?

You may need a mouthguard if you grind your teeth. Teeth grinding (bruxism) is a serious oral health issue. Left untreated, it can lead to premature wear and tooth damage, or even broken teeth. A mouthguard for teeth grinding cushions and protects your teeth from damage at night.

You may also need a mouthguard if you play sports. Sports mouthguards are highly effective at protecting your teeth from injuries like oral lacerations, broken teeth, and knocked-out teeth. Sports mouthguards have been shown to actually decrease the risk of concussions during sports. Contact Gainesville Dentistry Co. for a consultation with Dr. Feldman, and see if a mouthguard is right for you.

Night Guards

Teeth grinding affects up to 20% of the population. While it can happen during the day, teeth grinding mostly happens at night when you’re asleep. This is where night guards come in. Night guards are built from strong plastic, and fit perfectly over your teeth. They cushion your teeth and prevent direct tooth-to-tooth contact. This prevents your teeth from being damaged by teeth grinding, and protects your smile. In addition, a properly made night guard can protect your chewing muscles and help relieve jaw pain and headaches.

Mouthguards in Gainesville FL

Sports Mouthguards

We recommend sports mouthguards for all contact sports like basketball, football, lacrosse, and soccer. Wearing a sports mouthguard also may be wise when skateboarding, riding a mountain bike, or participating in other “extreme” sports where there’s a risk of oral injuries. Sports mouthguards are highly effective at preventing common oral injuries caused by sports, like broken and knocked-out teeth. As mentioned, properly fitting sports mouthguards may also help mitigate the risk of concussions during extreme and contact sports.

Why Should I Wear A Mouthguard When Playing Sports?

Absorbs impact and cushions teeth

Sports mouthguards are built to absorb shock and trauma when you’re hit in the mouth or the face. They spread it over all of your teeth and your gums. This helps absorb the impact and cushions your teeth.

Prevents oral injuries

According to one study, people who wore an athletic mouthguard were 80% less likely to experience oral injuries. Sports mouthguards are highly effective, and can prevent tooth damage even during hard hits or accidental falls.

Doesn’t affect performance

Our custom-fitted mouthguards ensure that you can breathe and communicate properly while participating in your favorite sports. Unlike off-the-shelf mouthguards, this means that you’ll be comfortable and able to perform at your best.

How Do I Care For My Mouthguard?

Whether you have a mouthguard for sports or a night guard for teeth grinding, you’ll care for them in similar ways. Rinse your mouthguard whenever you remove it from your mouth. This helps prevent plaque and debris from building up on the mouthguard.

You should also brush your mouthguard once a day or after use. Use clear, unscented antibacterial soap and a toothbrush to clean it thoroughly. Don’t use toothpaste, since this is abrasive and could damage your mouthguard over time.

We also recommend deep cleaning your mouthguard once per week. You can use a denture cleaner to soak your mouthguard, kill bacteria, and keep it clean. Soaking it in vinegar or hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes is also a good option. Make sure you rinse your mouthguard thoroughly after deep cleaning.

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