5 Questions To Ask Your Dentist About Restorative Dentistry

March 17, 2023

Whether you’ve got painful, damaged, or missing teeth in Gainesville, restorative treatment from Dr. Feldman at Gainesville Dentistry Co. can help! With restorative dentistry, you can eliminate pain, prevent future complications, and restore the natural appearance and function of your teeth. 

But if it’s been a while since you’ve seen the dentist, you may not be sure what to expect when you come to our office for a restorative consultation in Gainesville. So be prepared! Here’s a list of five simple questions you can ask Dr. Feldman when you come to our office to explore your restorative dentistry options.

1. What’s The Best Treatment For My Case?

Restorative dentists like Dr. Feldman have treated thousands of patients, and will usually be able to choose the best treatment for your case pretty quickly. After an oral exam, x-rays, and a discussion about your oral health, you can ask your dentist what they think the best treatment is for you.

For example, if you have an old or failing filling, your dentist may recommend that you get a new one. Or, if you have a tooth infection, a root canal and a dental crown may be the best way to remove the infection, eliminate your pain, and keep your tooth healthy.

2. Are There Any Alternatives To Your Recommendation?

Sometimes, there are more ways than one to treat a damaged or missing tooth. For example, if you’ve lost one tooth, you may be able to choose between a dental implant or a dental bridge. Both options have their pros and cons.

So we recommend asking your restorative dentist if there are any alternatives to their recommendation. Together, you can choose the treatment that’s the best for your specific situation.

3. How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

Treatment costs can vary depending on your case, and whether or not a particular treatment is covered by dental insurance. Your restorative dentist may not be able to give you an exact number right away, but should still be able to give you a ballpark estimate of how much each restorative treatment will cost.

4. How Long Will It Take To Get Treatment?

Some treatments like dental fillings require just one appointment. Some, like dental crowns, may require multiple visits over a period of several weeks. And others, like dental implants, could take up to six months or longer.

So it’s a good idea to ask about how long your treatment will take, and to work with your restorative dentist to find a treatment that fits into your busy schedule and lifestyle.

5. Will I Need To Do Anything Special To Care For My New Smile?

Some treatments like partial or full dentures require a lot of changes in your oral hygiene routine. Others, like dental implants or dental bridges, do not require as much special care.

So before you commit to a particular treatment, you’ll want to discuss the details with your restorative dentist. How will you need to care for your mouth in order to keep your new teeth, your existing teeth, and your gums healthy?

Get Answers To All Of Your Questions At Gainesville Dentistry Co.

Thanks to his expertise in restorative dentistry in Gainesville, Dr. Feldman can answer all of the above questions and more. If you need help restoring your oral health, our team is here to help. We’re always accepting new patients in the Gainesville area, so contact us online or give us a call at 352-88-SMILE (76453) to schedule a no-commitment restorative consultation right away.

About The Author

Dr. Greg Feldman has completed over 1600 hours of continuing education following his graduation from the University of Florida College of Dentistry. To put this into perspective, dentists are only required to take 30 hours of continuing education every two years. This means that Dr. Feldman has already taken 100 years of dental education in his relatively young career. He is an avid learner and a lifelong student of dentistry. As a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry, a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, Dr. Feldman has achieved a level of recognition in the field of dentistry that few have ever reached. With this in mind, you can rest assured that anything he writes about on this blog is well researched and backed by scientific evidence and his extensive training.

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