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Emergency Dentistry

September 7, 2022

Same Day Appointments

When pain strikes, especially tooth related pain, it can be debilitating. Receiving a proper diagnosis as quickly as possible and treating the issue will allow you to return to normal living. At Gainesville Dentistry Co., we offer Same Day Appointments to be able to assess your concern. If you are in need of toothache relief, we will do everything in our power to have you seen by our highly trained doctor and staff that day. If you need a dentist nearby that will make the time to address your dental needs, let us be that place for you.

The importance of being seen as quickly as possible

Tooth-related issues can go from painful to life-threatening without proper intervention. Uncontrolled infections can spread to your airway as Ludwig angina and block your ability to breathe. The bacteria from dental infections can spread to your heart, causing major issues for your overall health. Unfortunately, dental problems do not tend to resolve on their own, and the longer treatment is delayed, the more negative impact it can have on both your health and your wallet. Gainesville Dentistry Co. is here to give you an honest assessment of your condition and provide you with as many options as there are to aid you in making the best informed decision about your oral health.

Options, options, and more options

Getting you out of pain is our number 1 priority when you can with an emergency. You may have more choices than you think for your teeth. Extraction is not always the only, or best, option. We have many years of experience and have trained in a wide range of disciplines within dentistry to be able to provide you with the most comprehensive assessment of the options for your teeth. Once we eliminate the symptoms that led to you making your initial call, we would be honored to guide you in your dental journey toward optimal oral health. Your smile matters!

Come for the pain relief, stay for everything that separates us from the rest

What we hope you will find when you visit GDC is a comfortable and judge-free setting to be able to express your dental goals. Pain can dictate and hinder our decision making process. Once we help you get rid of that factor, you will find that our office is the perfect space to feel heard and respected, whether you are someone who is very proactive about their teeth or someone who may only see a dentist when they are in pain. Your oral health is linked to your systemic health, and we take our responsibility very seriously. Gainesville Dentistry Co. is the go-to practice in Gainesville, Florida for people who want to be healthier, feel great, and look their best. We strive to enhance the quality of people's lives with honesty and integrity, always adhering to a we not me perspective.

About The Author

Dr. Greg Feldman has completed over 1500 hours of continuing education following his graduation from the University of Florida College of Dentistry. To put this into perspective, dentists are only required to take 30 hours of continuing education every two years. This means that Dr. Feldman has already taken 100 years of dental education in his relatively young career. He is an avid learner and a lifelong student of dentistry. As a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry and a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Dr. Feldman has achieved a level of recognition in the field of dentistry that few have ever reached. With this in mind, you can rest assured that anything he writes about on this blog is well researched and backed by scientific evidence and his extensive training.

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